A Message from the Admiral

Loyal Citizens of the Empire,

I am Admiral Zeddicus Lockwood of Jericho’s 1st Barony. You will call me Admiral.

On the first of April I had a little fun at your expense. This wasn’t just jokes, as I do like to test the mettle of my subjects when I come into a new area. I am pleased to say you all did well. A little disorganized, but we’ll fix that up shipshape. You’ll find me harsh and unforgiving, but very fair. If you abide by the laws and ensure the Emperor’s property stays whole, we will do fine. You do not get a second chance with me so do not cross me. I live and serve the Empire, despite what you may have heard about my past. Do not test that. My accommodations are being built as we speak and I will be located a short distance outside of Jericho town center. Just far enough that you won’t bother me with your nonsense, but close enough should trouble arise. I have also claimed a small parcel of forest behind my soon-to-be-constructed home. I keep my menagerie there and unless you want to be a part of it, stay out. I’ll be meeting with the current council as soon as we can figure out a time. We’ll get that whole process running sooner rather than later.

That’s the least important part of this message done with. Let me get to the matter at hand. After All Hallows’ of last year, we received reports of an unknown organization calling themselves the Black Channel, stemming from the Grey Elven forests to the South. We were not expecting them to be in the area of old Jericho exactly, but there they were. They have, through some dark magics, taken time out of sync approximately two years. From what my conclave mage tells me, those of you who lived in old Jericho two years ago have been captured and tortured most heinously. My mage assures me this has no immediate bearing on your present selves, but it’s concerning nonetheless.

We do not know what they are doing with the old you outside of harvesting something through brutal and horrific torture. I must say that even this alone is justification for some good ole revenge, but there is a greater purpose for us here. Whatever they are doing, it is not in the good name of the Emperor. This harvesting operation will be shut down and you are going to do it.

I need some information. Provide me something useful and I’ll see you are rewarded.

The men with the black markings down the center of their faces and eyes. What abilities do they have. I am told their black swords can burst into some sort of magical fire. What does it do? Do they have weaknesses?

The twisted mouth monsters they command. I saw two of my own crew get thrown into the Black Channel, a black as void rift that they seem to travel through, and come out twisted broken creatures under their command. Same questions above. What do they do? How do you hurt them?

Lastly, the leader. My mage tells me he witnessed a muscular, bald man in heavy armour, a Carnal Fae and an Avian engage him. I want the names of those people and I want reports. The Carnal Fae entered some sort of circle that was protecting the leader and then jumped out. What did that circle do. Find out the name of the leader; he appears to have some degree of control over time itself, as silly as that sounds. Do we have followers or favoured of Vesmir in our town? Can we contact some? Can this leader be hurt by normal weapons? Did magic harm him?

These are the things I need to know. In addition I need somebody to organize all this for me and present it to me in a nice report, preferably with tea. My mage friend has contacted the conclave for help but I need to give them more information if we’re to protect you when you go back. Also, you’re going back in 3 weeks. I’d send you tomorrow if I could, but we need to create some degree of protection from his time nonsense. I also want to see a much larger host of my subjects this time. All hands on deck friends. Let’s teach those crossed bastards who we are. You blew up that place once already, let’s give it a second go.

Admiral Lockwood

If you are the person to put this together, or are interested in doing so, sent your report to my messenger man (shbe242@gmail.com). The best reporter gets a free tour of the zoo!

Lastly, I yelled at a young girl to yell at a bunch of citizens who were dilly dallying around the wall of fire. She was very effective and I was very impressed. But I have no idea who she is or what she looked like. If you are that girl, present yourself to my messenger immediately.

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=17398


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