An Order from the Church of Light

People of Arthos:

We live in dark times, my friends. On the island of Kalidor our brothers and sisters of New Dawn are the last bastion of Light in a sea of dark worship and undead plague. All across the mainland dark worship is gaining ground and the corruption of the light increases further every day. The Betrayal of the Empire and her allies has caused the cold bite of winter to settle in Melinda and the Shadow Isles. Unbelievers say that the world is facing a new age, a dark age.

But brothers and sisters of the church, I write to you now to tell you this. Ages are defined not by those who must endure them, but by those who look back at the actions taken during them. Let not our age be defined by darkness and evil. Let it be defined by those who stood against the growing shadow. We are the Light! Let this be the age of Cleansing Fire! Where all those who stand for good and righteousness unite together against the spreading dark!

I write to you now, from the heart of the Church of Light, about such spreading corruption within our own ranks of the White Raven Alliance. The Princess Louisa, Daughter of the Emperor of Berphaunt, has defected from the Empire and has attempted to seek asylum in Whiteraven lands but before she could be handed to the Church, she was taken by unknown forces. Forces from within our own ranks, misguided into thinking she is something more than a weapon used to save the innocents. Those who help in her return to the Church of Light will be rewarded. Those who aid in sheltering her will find only cleansing justice. Be warned that any who aid her will suffer the same fate as those who helped her escape. There is only one word for such an act, treason. Anyone who is found to have uncovered the Princess’ location and does not come forward with this information will be treated just as harshly. Princess Louisa is to be found and handed over to the Citadel for further questioning.

People of the world I send a simple message. Give her no harbor. Return her to the Church so we may gain what information we can from her about the weaknesses of our common enemy, the corrupt Empire of Berphaunt. Do this, for the good of all, the Gods demand it.

With grace,
Archbishop Roderick Hale

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