Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Hearts of Darkness

Some of you have witnessed the atrocities that are being conducted on the past citizens of old Jericho. This may be your past selves, or the lives of your friends and family. Regardless of what this may represent to us now, one thing is certain: The mysterious organization known as The Black Channel are using magics most foul to torture, mutilate and harvest the spirits of Jericho’s past. You, present day citizens, are their hope of either freedom, or a quick and merciful death.

Under the orders of your new Baron, The Admiral, you are to return Old Jericho yet again. The harvesting operation must be stopped and whatever purpose the Black Channel has, must be discovered.The Conclave and your town leadership are working diligently to find the means to send you back to that nightmarish place. Where time has no meaning and the air is pierced by the screams of your tortured selves.

Stop the Black Channel by any means available to you. If you find resistance in the past, destroy it. If you find allies, use them to accomplish your task while avoiding any unnecessary complications. There is no telling what may have become of past Jericho You may find hearts filled with light and hope, or those filled with darkness from circumstance.

The clock is ticking, the hours are slipping by.

The past increases, the future recedes.

It is time to end this madness now.

Welcome to Underworld Jericho’s second day mod of the 2017 season!

It’s the last event before summer weekend events! We’re back at beloved Magik Morn one final time this spring before we move to our permanent site. As per last event the same considerations apply – tagless event, beware of muddy roads if it rains and logistics in the parking lot. We’ll have a photo ninja on site this event and we’re hoping for the weather to be a little bit warmer. We even added a bonus 30 minutes to the event because we love you.

Who wants to play with the pirate ship again?!

Details of note:

– If it rains, the road may be muddy. Please drive carefully. And do not drive past the parking lot unless you have special permission.

– Logistics will be held in the parking lot, like we used to. We ask that PCs REMAIN IN THE PARKING LOT and do not go down to the site while our shaper team is setting up. You will be brought onto the site in game.

– This is a TAGLESS event. There is no cost of living.

– When you enter the drive to the site, stick to the left, past the house. If you have to open any gates, you MUST close them behind you.

– While we loved our old site, with every inch of our hearts, few will have missed the never-ending piles of horse poop. Guess what? They’re still there. While poop is gross please recognize that horse poop is less gross. It’s literally almost entirely just hay. Don’t throw it at people.

Times, Pricing and Location

Saturday April 22nd, 2017
Location: Magik Morn Farm (old site), 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario
Blankets: 1

$30 if you prelog and pay online prior to the event
$35 if you prelog and pay at the event
$40 if you don’t prelog and pay at the event

10:30am – Logistics opens
Noon – game begins
7:30pm – game ends, cleanup begins

Map: http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Official post here
Facebook event here


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