Steady as she goes, a message from your Admiral

Well met faithful subjects. I have read your reports, most thorough. Specifically, and I quote “Peresh Yarden. Cartographer and Professional Thief,” who took the time to compile the most information out of the lot of you. I would also see him interrogated on suspicion of thievery, once we get some law in this place. Until then, well done Peresh. Although not a single one of you brought me a tea as I requested.

I will summarize what I have learned:

The Black Channel are a relatively new organization or at the very least, new to the public eye. They arrived in Jericho last All Hallows’ where they executed a Grey Elf and some sort of well loved undead. Three were spied on that night, with one being the leader you saw a few weeks ago. Since that time they have taken over Old Jericho and brought the past, approximately 2 to 3 years ago, into the present, and are mining her citizens for something begot through torture. They arrive via magic they can Channel and indeed, it appears on the other end to be another place of darkness. The Black Channel themselves can summon black blades that not only kill you when they strike but also hurry your spirit to the resurrection circle, faster than one would normally expect. Their leader is unknown in name but he possesses the ability to manipulate time. He channels Vesmir type magic although it appears to be corrupted. We suspect he is immune to mind affecting magic and extremely resistant to magic’s causing outright death and psionics in general. This could be through magical protections or innate abilities, we are unsure. The Conclave knows next to nothing about this. Useless tits.

Lastly they seem to employ the use of some sort of foul magics that twist and contort those they capture into freakish monsters. Worse than Orcs. These creatures seem to absorb strikes made against them, granting them some degree of immunity from that weapon or spell. It is imperative that strategy be used when engaging, allowing for the use of multiple types of combat to be displayed as you hack and murder them. You’ll have to work together.

I need to know who their leader is. I want his name. I want to know if they all posses the ability to manipulate time or if this is just a single power held by that one that sent you back.

As I said before, you’re all going back there and you’re going to stop whatever is happening and get me my answers. Since we have no Vesmir clerics or faithful in town I have reached out and pull some strings in the Church of Light. I am as much a fan as you, however the need seems great. As you can imagine they are very interested in what is transpired. These are Whiteraven men, by the way. They are suspicious, moreso because they did not know that something of this magnitude was transpiring. One would think if there was a creature of power, pulling the past into the present, they’d have some sort of time alarm. They are also likely useless tits. Regardless, a high ranking priest is coming to investigate. I understand, and bear with me here, that Vesmir has it’s own organization to ensure that time stays the way it should, and those that police time are so some sort of weird earth elemental cult or group. Look I don’t know, we’re getting far beyond my understanding of how to stab evil with a sword. These elementals will be aiding the priest and, if needed, you. Expect to see them soon and I expect you to treat them as guests in my house. Even if they are Whiteraven scum.

Again, the Empire additionally thanks the following people who provided much of this information. I’m sure that I am leaving a bunch of important details but I’m really tired of writing so you can confer with them on anything else:

Coleamir Threehorns
Wren, of the Ordo Nox
Valkez. of House Malvein
Sieur Abatt’age Fleau who has more titles and names after his real one than I have women in ports.
Yeoman Balen Agrende

I’ll see you are all paid a silver for your troubles. Would have been two had you brought me tea. Abatt’age, cleric of Dael’rion, you, Peresh and this Mal’nko Steelquill are in charge of making war and avenging the past citizens. Even the finally dead and those in the past are still the Emperor’s subjects. Nobody kills the Emperor’s subjects without my permission. The three of you are the most experienced and the most referred in almost every report…well not you Abatt’age but you are a favoured and that counts. If my next bunch of reports say otherwise, or you all die because of your fool leadership, I’ll be vexed.

Make some war boys and girls.

Admiral Lockwood

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