Admiral’s Report, April 27th

Welcome back (forward?) my loyal subjects. My appointed leadership has done well, I am pleased that the harvesting operation has been dismantled, even if the process was unconventional. Between those three and the Cleric of Vesmir, I believe we have a full report. If anyone can contribute more here, send it to Peresh.

Collective Report on the events of April 22nd, 2259:

– Arrival and Departure –

Lt. Percival of the Church of Light, Chosen of Vesmir and the Chrono Wardens (earth elemental seeming creatures) created a portal which led us to the past. Along the journey, we encountered a ripple of black energy. When we emerged from the tunnel, Lt. Percival was not with us, we soon discovered that he was ejected from the time tunnel 3 months prior to us and was without the company of the Chrono Wardens. It appears the Black Channel anticipated our plans and created a divergence to stop us from being able to revisit the time in which they were assaulting Old Jericho.

We discovered survivors who were alternate versions of some past residents and some present. Some alternates infiltrated our ranks, but were quickly discovered and dealt with. The details of the day are fairly unimportant. The short of it is that we had to repair a boat and sail up river. We encountered survivors there and did battle against them. This process was repeated in a loop hundreds of times with slightly different outcomes. In the end, it was one small action done differently which reconnected us with the Chrono Wardens and allowed us to go home. In the process, the energy being taken from all the alternates was released and used to gate us back. When we first arrived, there was a citadel soldier who would run past us to a portal near a copy of your ship. We would stop the soldier each time and prevent him from detonating a bomb on the ship at a black portal. Apparently, allowing him to destroy the portal was the key incident that allowed us to set time right and undo the efforts of The Black Channel. It is unclear why or how this was the catalyst. We destroyed that portal ourselves hundreds of times, and many more black portals. The Vesmir mage was, as you put it, a useless tit.

– The Black Channel Leader –

Through a very taxing and traumatic experience, we Avians were able to discover the name and origin of the apparent leader of the Black Channel. It is now known that he is not the leader, or at the very least; not the only one.

Esther, Mal’nko, and I were forcibly drawn into the Shadow Plane. We fought our way through a mass of enemies to find ourselves rewarded with a glimpse of scenes from the past and future.

We saw Vesmir at the prow of The Reaper upon the transmundane ocean, at the edge of the Dead lands. There was a dock, and the Black Channel man stood on it. We heard Vesmir speak, “Venomin, do not do this. If you choose this path, your existence is forfeit.” The man, known now as Venomin responded, “You are not the god I chose to follow. I reject what you are and will go my own way.” Venomin turned and walked away. Vesmir called to him “The sands begin to flow for you now, I will collect your spirit when the time comes. You will never pass on to the the afterlife.” As Venomin strode away, wings emerged from his back and began to wither, decay and crumble.

++ I am certain it requires no explanation to one as intelligent as yourself, but I would feel remiss if I did not provide an analysis. It appears that Venomin was once an Angel of recently deceased God of Time. Lt. Percival did not recognize the name and admits to not knowing many angel names if any. We believe that like other angels, Venomin has a limited supply of Divine energy that he is capable of combining with The Black Channel energies and spirits of mortals to produce his corrupted magics. ++

Next, we saw Venomin in a stone courtyard with two other members of The Black Channel. There were more figures but they were not discernible. The three stood before a stone structure that was akin to a cellar entrance. The two ‘doors’ had glowing magic symbols outlining them. In the center, there was a black cross shape. It was not so much black as it was simply a void. The most accurate description I can give is to say it was an absence of existence. The male figure spoke to Venomin saying “Look into the Black Channel and if you are worthy, you will see.” Venomin was a bit apprehensive, but looked into the emptiness. A moment passed, and then he let out a tortured sound which no creature should ever make. It is a scream that will haunt me to the end of my days. It is seconded only by the expression in his eyes as he fell back from the ‘doors’. There was no indication as to what was seen, only that it marked him. As I said, he fell back, and the black markings were on his face. It is as if the absence of existence imprinted itself upon him. He stood with the other two and all the other figures spoke at once saying “Now you have seen. Now you will serve.”

– Possible Future –

The last thing we saw before we were able to return to the material plane was this.

Standing in the clearing where the entity known as Sylvanus, or Forest Daughter resides are the three Black Channel leaders. Venomin, the male and the female are there and appear to be drawing power from the tree containing Sylvanus. There are dead citizens of Jericho all about the clearing and around the town center. One person from Jericho remains and is standing with them. They look to that person and say “You have proven yourself.” The person replies, “Killing these fools was an easy choice. The Black Channel are the true power and I will always serve.” The three Black Channel figures finish draining the tree and it withers and crumbles. Venomin draws a sword and cuts the air, opening a black void. He places a hand on the person and says “Miriam Fellswater, if you are worthy, then you too will see. Let us go discover if you are worthy.” The four of them step into the black portal.

— end of report —

Once again, good job. I would see this Venomin, his two companions and this Miriam dragged before me in chains..

Now that that unfortunate business is out of the way, let’s get things running like a proper town, shall we?. Friday, May 12th I will be gathering together the advisory team that Marshal has dutifully collected, and any current councilors, to our first formal meeting. This will be at midnight as I do not expect to return until late evening. I will guarantee at least one of you is a vampire so you’re welcome. I’m not sure who holds council position outside of Marshal. Greensbane and her creepy little brother are nowhere to be found and Elara sent me a nice letter but failed to sign it as a councilwoman. If either one of them wishes to keep their seat, that would be the time to show up. I have 10 of the 12 advisory positions filled. I’ve purposefully ask Marshal to leave the last two open so that I might personally fill them. If you’d like one of those spots, you can’t come to the council meeting. What you can do is meet with your councilors, once they have been officiated, and they can petition me on your behalf.

On that subject, I don’t like people. I like the sea. You are not the sea so, by default, I don’t like you. However, much like the sea, I will treat you fairly and with respect, so long as you aid me in my charge over these lands. I am not going to have dinner with you, I do not want your gifts, and I don’t care about your petty problems. Don’t break the law and don’t cause me headaches. If you feel there is something that needs to be brought to my attention, and you have a friend or leader on the advisory, speak to them. If you do not, then speak to your Councillor. I will hold council only with my Councillors and maybe the advisory, if it’s imperative. If you absolutely disregard everything I’ve just said and, potentially at the expense of your life, must have audience with me immediately, then you will be required to petition a councilperson to do so. They will escort you to my keep and woe be it to your mortal health if you are wasting my time.

If you commit lesser crimes you will be arrested by the magistrate. He will see to your guilt or innocence and potential punishment. If you commit major crimes then you will stand before the council. If they cannot unanimously decide your fate then you will be brought before me. I’m not going to pillow talk you here, if that is the case, you’re most likely going to die. On that note if we have a magistrate, they should come to our meeting.

I’m very wary of writing these so I’ll be taking on an assistant. As my assistant you will be required to serve me at my beck and call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In exchange you will be paid handsomely and you are free to gaze upon the beauty that is my menagerie, once per month. You should be able to make tea. I’m not accepting applications so put down the quills. I’ll pick myself from those that stand out among you.

I shall be leaving shortly to ensure the proper transportation of a special pet that cannot be brought in through the Skein Gate. Marshal is in charge.

Marshal – Find the current laws and make them better before my return. I’ll pass them by my council once you’re done a draft.

Admiral Lockwood

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