Jericho Taxation

Citizens of Jericho and Visitors,

As the warm season approaches so does taxation. It is required of all residents of Jericho to pay a small fee that will help our town and community flourish. This money helps pay for the support that Berphaunt supplies us with, our lands, our working citizens and much more. The current amount owed each month for taxation is 3 silver.

At the moment visitors are also required to pay for taxation as they have access to all the benefits of being a citizen. Including protection, medical aid, the right to investigation of any crimes against them and the ability to collect resources from Jericho land for their own monetary gain.

In the interest of encouraging the growth of Jericho’s population, taxes are waved for new citizens for their first two months. This allows them to establish themselves and settle in to their new home.

If you know you are going to be out of town for the whole month please let the Master of Coin know. This allows them to not assume you are purposely avoiding tax collection. If you were not in town for any of your back-taxes that the city believes you owe, let us know and we are happy to work out what happened. You are not required to pay taxes if you are not in town that month.

It is not the job requirement of the Master of Coin to find you for you to pay your taxes. If you missed out paying taxes because the Master of Coin never came to you, it is on you to make sure your taxes are paid. The Master of Coin will still actively look for taxes to be collected but they cannot find you in every nook and cranny.

If you miss paying taxes for a month an initial levy of 2 silver will be added onto what you owe. The second month you miss paying taxes an additional levy of 3 silver will be charged. And the third missed month will be 5 silver. After this point you will be charged with Tax Evasion, and a bounty hunter may be hired to collect your debt. The amount owed from your debt will be collected, as well as the cost for collecting it and a fine of 5 gold.

To help make the collection of taxation easier for both the citizens and the Master of Coin, I encourage citizens to pay their taxes in advance. Arrangements can also be made for Camps to pay as a group rather than individually. If any of these appeal to you please contact the Master of Coin immediately. (You can find her usually in Lo Guard Camp.)

All Guilds and businesses please contact me as soon as you can to discuss Guild and Business Taxation.

Taxation is subject to change based on the future meeting of the town’s council. I will keep this board updated with any future changes.

Thank you for your time,
Master of Coin


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