Getting to Warcry

This year Warcry is being held at Redfield Crossing, just north of Edmonton, Alberta.

The distance between Toronto and Edmonton is about 3500 kilometres (+30 hours of driving).

So…how do you get there?

First, the Kalidorians are willing to help you! If you need a place to stay, a lift from the airport, extra supplies etc., check out the Facebook group here and ask for help. They’re a nice bunch of people!

Remember that when budgeting for a non-plane trip, you will have to eat something sometime during those +30 hours.

By Plane

Google Flights presents a list of Air Canada and WestJet flights. Depending on the flight, it costs at least $1000 for a round trip to and from Toronto and Edmonton. The flight itself ranges from 4 to 6 hours, which is ideal if getting to Edmonton in a timely fashion.

New Leaf flies out of Hamilton and is a bit cheaper than Air Canada and WestJet, but charges for carry-on and check-in baggage.

You do not need a passport to fly, but will need some form of government ID. For most of us, that’s a health card, driver’s licence, or (gasp) passport. More information is here.

You will be severely limited in what you can bring with you on a plane. Weapons (especially bows) are known to get damaged and there is a weight limit if you’re thinking all your armour should come with you.

Edmonton International is 15 minutes south of Edmonton proper. Plan your transit into the city appropriately.

Air Canada baggage guidelines

WestJet baggage guidelines

By Bus

A round trip from Greyhound is under $600. The trip is a little over two days.

Greyhound baggage guidelines

By Car

Even if you own your vehicle, you should rent one. The drive of a 7000 kilometres is going to destroy the mileage on your home vehicle. We have hundreds of vehicle dealerships in and around Toronto, so plug in your dates and look around. A passive search at Enterprise and Budget wildly ranges from $500 to over $2000 to rent for two weeks.

You’re looking to spend $600 to $800 in gas for the round trip, assuming you drive straight there and back, but this wildly depends on the car.

Driving through the US is faster, something about highways and roads, but requires a passport. If you have multiple drivers, it is possible to do the trip in one solid drive. If you’re the solo driver, expect to take rest breaks for sleep and gas (at the very least) and spend at least three days on the road.

Remember to budget for a place to stay overnight, unless you’re okay with sleeping in your vehicle. Consider outside your typical hotel: motels are generally cheaper, and if you’re driving up with all your camping gear anyway, consider a campground.

By Train

It is too late to book for Warcry, but VIA Rail does offer a Toronto to Edmonton route, done in just over two days. It costs about $800 one way.

Thanks to Wesley Gunn for the additional input!


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