Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Worth His Wait

“Citizens of Jericho,

My name is General Morant, I am the Commander of the Berphauntian military encampment outside of town and I have met a number of you personally. Today I bring news from the Empire, sanctioned by your Admiral.

Effective immediately the town of Jericho has been placed under martial law. I will explain why and what exactly that entails. This does not affect your Admiral or the Magistrate’s office.

The purpose for this emergency declaration is the protection of the peasantry against anticipated attacks from the Black Channel and as retribution from the now disbanded Church of Darkness. Heavy patrols have begun within the farmlands, roads and outlying areas tonight. We will be reaching out to the Blood Red Rose to bolster our numbers in that regard. A curfew will be put in place around the farmlands at dusk but not in Jericho center. This curfew is meant to better allow us to spot outsiders at a time when the peasants are typically sleeping. Your Council has been temporarily disbanded and until he chooses a new one the Admiral will lead Jericho directly during daylight hours. Myself, representing the Berphauntian military with Conclave support will be in charge after dusk. I will be looking for two assistants. The job pays 5 gold per month, apply to me directly.

Additionally, until further notice the casting of necromancy is now illegal in Jericho. Being undead is also now illegal. Both are punishable by death. Undead who possess citizenship papers may approach the Magistrate and apply for special status. All other undead are to be destroyed on sight.

With the Empire’s military in the region locked down in defensive roles the Admiral will be taking volunteers from the citizenship to create offensive strike teams to act against the Black Channel. You have suffered much over the last few months, I recognize it, your Admiral recognizes it and the Empire recognizes it. The time of your suffering ends now. The fight has been in your homes and on your soil for too long. Now it is our time and now we bring the fight to them. Now we kick down their doors, loot their coffers and put what they love to the sword or to the torch. The hour of your vindication is at hand. Make them pay.

You will receive more information on this point in the near future. Extra supplies have been provided by Berphaunt for all citizens of the Empire in Jericho to allow you to focus on this task and others.

Lastly, the citizen known as “Rain” is to be captured alive and brought to the Admiral or me.

You will be updated further as this situation progresses.

General Morant, Empire of Berphaunt”

(below, written quickly by another’s hand): “And if you see Goldboy bring him home!”


Welcome Underworld Jericho’s 6th weekend event of the 2017 season! Please read the following notes to ensure you’re up to date with out-of-game information:

– We are entering cooler temperatures, especially at night. Please prepare accordingly!

– Announcements will be made at the event at 10pm on Friday in town center (near the crow’s cage), but here are some things you should know. Please read them as they change every event:

– If you are a) opting out of an np NPC shift, b) paying for the event but not attending or c) in NPC camp all event (NPC / shaper / etc.) but paying for the event, please indicate to the logistics team via the NPC shift selector in the database. You will notice that options for those 3 things have been added to the NPC shift selection link.

– COST OF LIVING is NOT ACTIVE. Berphaunt is providing for your characters and so it has been set to 0. If you are unsure what cost of living is, you can find a description in our policies:


– We will update the condition of the roads closer to the event, based on weather.

– Please take your garbage with you! This includes plastic water bottles which we find get used a lot more during these warmer events. Recycle!

– A reminder about donations – please bring them to logistics. We will not accept donations left at NPC camp. Note that we have a special promotion for spell packets running right now. Details about that can be found here:


– If you’re visiting Jericho with a character from another guild, please remember that we must approve the character and some items that are brought with you. Contact logistics if you have questions and please read our policy on visiting characters:


– If we have anything else to add as we approach the event date, we’ll let you know!

See you in-game!

Date: Friday September 15th to Sunday September 17th
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM after opening announcements
Event End: Sunday 2pm, cleanup afterwards

$45 with Prelog & Prelog Payment
$50 with Prelog Only
$55 without Prelog

Experience earned: 1 CP Blanket

Location: 36 Walkers Road, Fenelon Falls, ON

Official announcement
Facebook invite


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