Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Fifty Shades of Grey Elves

“Warn the Grey Council, the enemy is within…”

These are the last words of Anariel the Grey Elf, a dire warning to those present and her Thalan kin as she drew her final breath. A warning about the Black Channel organization and the mysterious slumbering “Father” they serve. Lord Jjik’da Shalonost, accompanying the citizens of Jericho when these words were uttered, took this message back to his elvish kingdom of Suvant. Lighting the beacons to summon the elusive Grey elves, he waits now along with Jericho. Those words have weighed heavily on the minds of most in Jericho and Suvant alike. Have the Black Channel somehow infiltrated the Grey Elves? Is the Father’s return inevitable? Whispered rumours from the far away lands of Ralinwood of another sleeping monster named “Mother” – are they related? The ancient Grey Thalan appear shaken by what they know and what may come next. Despite all that has been accomplished in the conflict with the Black Channel, despite the victories against them, the blood spilt and the losses inflicted upon them, their goals march onward and continue to progress. As All Hallows looms on the horizon, as the shadows grow long and the daylight weakens, the Black Channel’s Coven of Wytches appear to be more active, working behind the scenes toward an unknown purpose.

While Jericho awaits word from the Grey Elves, life for the peasantry continues to improve. The farmers are completing their harvest and are grateful for many recent changes, so much so that they are hosting a celebration with Jericho adventurers to welcome the autumn.The Berphauntian military continue to work with the chivalrous Blood Red Rose to keep the farms and region safe, however the military appears to be stretched thin as instances of demonic activity increase. They assure citizens that they are well prepared for any foe that would challenge the Empire, but there has been no foe like the Black Channel.

Behind all this, slipping from memory during the crisis and conflict that inhabits the minds of adventurers and citizens alike, the Firstborn dragon Ixiad strains against the barrier trapping her in the Far Realm, eager to return home to Jericho once again.

Welcome to Underworld Jericho’s 7th weekend event of 2017! Please read the following info to ensure you’re up to date with all information:

– Announcements will be made at the event at 10pm on Friday in town center (near the crow’s cage) as usual. Please attend if possible to hear last minute information regarding both in-game and out of game matters!

– ALL CARS must be off the play area by 10pm on Friday. Cars may be parked in the parking lot but not at the bottom of the hill.

– Cost of living remains inactive! The peasants of Jericho are very happy and are working long days to get the bounty of the harvest in. Food is in abundance and that is reflected in the cost of living being set to 0. If you are unsure what cost of living is, you can find a description in our policies:


– This is a LUNAR event for Therians, the last of the season. Be aware if you are one! It is also a full moon, out of game.

– We could use a photo-ninja or two, especially for Saturday morning and afternoon. Let us know at jerichoshapers2017@gmail.com if you can take good quality photos as an NPC or while on an NPC shift.

– We will update the condition of the roads closer to the event, based on weather.

– Please take your garbage with you! This includes plastic water bottles which we find get used a lot more during these warmer events. Recycle!

– If you’re visiting Jericho with a character from another guild, please remember that we must approve the character and some items that are brought with you. Contact logistics if you have questions and please read our policy on visiting characters:


If we have anything else to add as we approach the event date, we’ll let you know!

See you in-game!

Date: Friday October 6th to Sunday October 8th
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM after opening announcements
Event End: Sunday 2pm, cleanup afterwards

$45 with Prelog & Prelog Payment
$50 with Prelog Only
$55 without Prelog

Experience earned: 1 CP Blanket

Location: 36 Walkers Road, Fenelon Falls, ON

Official announcement
Facebook event


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