What is Underworld LARP?

Underworld LARP : Jericho is an 18+ dark fantasy live action role playing game based in Toronto, Ontario, founded in 1996.

For most of the year events take place on weekends, running non-stop from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. In the winter, 1 day events are common and all events occur once a month. As a new player your first event at Underworld is free to play.

With a rich in-game history, mature player base and a very active community, Underworld is one of the largest and most active LARPs in Canada. We pride ourself on our diversity in and out of game.


Underworld LARP guilds:

– Toronto (Jericho)
– Edmonton (Kalidor)
– London Canada (Ralinwood)
– Nagoya Japan (Havenhollow)
– Ottawa (Ashendael)
– Calgary (Stormlands)
– Vancouver (Salem Ruin)
– Saskatoon (Zenithstrand)
– Cape Breton (Tempest Grove)
– Moncton (Bryzanthea)



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