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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Worth His Wait

“Citizens of Jericho,

My name is General Morant, I am the Commander of the Berphauntian military encampment outside of town and I have met a number of you personally. Today I bring news from the Empire, sanctioned by your Admiral.

Effective immediately the town of Jericho has been placed under martial law. I will explain why and what exactly that entails. This does not affect your Admiral or the Magistrate’s office.

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Prelog for Warcry!

Warcry is next weekend, and prelog is open and closes next week, Tuesday August 1. This post describes how to get yourself registered for Warcry, which includes information such as:

  • the total cost and how to pay (NOT through the database, but through a separate system Guildhouse Kalidor operates)
  • a waiver in the event of something Very Serious happening
  • in-game things you need to inform Logistics about

    For the official event announcement and story behind the event, click here

  • The Whiteraven Alliance

    No single nation or independent town can stand against the might of the Empire of Berphaunt. So no single nation shall. On the 11th day of February, in the year 2258, the Kingdom of Tiefanue called out to her allies to unite and make a stand against global tyranny. Meeting in secret in the independent town of Whiteraven, leaders of these rebellious Kingdoms and Independents formalised and signed the Whiteraven Accord. This accord spelled out an alliance dedicated to peace, protection of the innocent and halting the expansion of the Empire. Their motto: Ruled by no one, but governed by all.

    Read more about the Whiteraven Alliance (and the enemies of Jericho) here

    The Undead Stir at the Peak of Mount Dracos

    I would give warning to all who bare the name Sons of Sprawn. The Bar’Ghul stand opposed to any alliance with the weak and pathetic pink skins of the Whiteraven or the genocidal Empire of Berphaunt. Trust them not for their treachery against our kind ends now and will not go unpunished. Long have I sat atop a throne that rests upon a mountain of the bones my enemies. All of which taken from the kingdom of Tifenue who stood against us. I slaughter them under the hooves of my mount in the name of my master Styphon and add their bodies his Black Army. I will not be denied the right any kill that I choose from their ranks or the trophy of their flesh.

    Do not forget that it is our united hatred of pink skins that has made us the force that they now fear. Slaughter the weak ones and claim this Savage Legion for our numbers. Any pink skin even crossing my path will know pain of death and service as my undead slave.

    I will not find friend in any who give safehaven to my enemies. You have been warned.

    – Shuc’Noc the Eternal, chieftain of the Bar’Ghul and servant of the Black Wyrm