Belonging. It is a feeling that people of every walk of life strive to find and hold onto in the communities they are part of.  It is an essential part of happiness for most people. And when you’re a part of some of the groups that don’t necessarily fit into what society deems ‘normal’, finding it can be really difficult and even scary.
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Underworld LARP Presents : South of Heaven

The end is nigh. Inviticus, the unliving Aspect of Hatred itself, sits on his throne of corpses, ready to obliterate the living with an army of undead.

Jericho has succeeded in destroy the gate to Pax Prima, leaving the Pax Mordabish with no chance of reinforcements. With no route home, the magic hating Pax Mordabish and their allies Berphaunt, move forward with their plan to destroy the Aspect of Hatred. Jericho will undoubtedly play an important role in this for Inviticus and his army of undead will not die without a fight. The lives of millions, and the very essence of magic itself, lie in peril.

As if matters could get worse it has been said that Lord Reann Tanna, once tyrannical ruler and rumoured vampire lord, has returned to enact his vengeance. Armed with the phylactery of the Green dracolich, he risks his own existence to ensure that Jericho and her citizens pay for their crimes against his house. I think you really pissed him off.

P.S. there is also a wedding

Welcome to Underworld’s flagship event of the 2014 season. Our Halloween event, or “All Hallows” as it is known IN GAME, is a fear filled horror fest, where death waits around every corner. This is an especially important event for us because it wraps up an epic plot line that by myself and Ted have been working on for over 6 years! With high risk, comes high reward. Gold, magic items and untold treasures are yours to be found, if you have the guts to leave your hiding holes. We go all out this event, with , props, blood and a monster encounter of such scale that we haven’t seen the likes of it in any North American LARP

Halloween at Underworld has some special notes that should be addressed. Every year we print custom red armbands, themed with the overplot of that season. They’ve become somewhat of a collector’s item and we only give them out to players who are brave enough to PC their highest level PC. Season NPC’s and Shapers have custom white headbands, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Please read our annual special Halloween Event message here. We’re doing things a wee different this year. Less running and hiding and a hell of a lot more creepy horror story – http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=11586

Lastly, our NPC turn out is usually higher than any other event (chickens!) and, as such, we will not be using shift NPC’s this event. As a PC you cannot sign up for an NPC shift – but you also do not need to pay the opt out cost. Furthermore, we are capping the number of people we need as full weekend NPCs. Season NPC’s are not subjected to this cap. The cap number is not public information. If you wish to NPC you will need to prelog as such. Spots are first come first serve.

Dress warm! The nights can be quite chilly. See you at logistics! Happy Halloween!


Start Time: Gates open at 2pm, Log opens at 6pm, Game starts at 10pm. Game usually ends around 2pm on Sunday.
Blankets: 2 for PC’ing. Standard for NPC’ing.
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Underworld Larp on Dragons Den! Wednesday, November 5th, at 8pm EST

That’s right folks. We got our air date. For those unaware and new, earlier this year we were scouted by The Dragons Den to give them a spectacle episode and make a pitch for land investment. A spectacle episode is one in which we fill the entire stage with our awesomeness, providing an entertaining and visually breathtaking experience for the viewership. Included in that is our pitch to potential investors so that we might buy our own site to host Underworld and other productions. Now, word to the wise, Dragon’s Den is infamous for creative editing. We’re not sure how things will play out once it goes to air. We could look amazing, or we could look terrible. I can’t tell you the outcome of the pitch but I can say we were extremely happy of how it all played out, from our perspectives. Regardless of scoring investors, a strong secondary reason for appearing on the show, is exposure. If experience has taught us anything it’s that all publicity is good publicity. Kevin O’Leary, a former Dragon on Dragon’s Den, said it best. “A Dragon’s Den pitch is like a 7 minute infomercial on steroids” It’s a 7 minute commercial for Underworld LARP that plays coast to coast, during primetime, on a major TV network. Not to mention the online advertising and it plays in syndicate. We couldn’t come close to this kind of exposure on our own.

So, this could be a pretty exciting opportunity for Underworld to gain investors for our own site but also to expand the game in ways we couldn’t dream of before. Or it could just net us a few new players. Either way we’re happy. When it airs we’ll be unveiling a crowdfunding project to help capitalize on any unanticipated exposure. Also, there are almost always secondary investors that will contact us once the show airs and we want to make sure we can accommodate them if their offers are enticing. To kill the rumour before it starts we won’t be handing over Underworld or “selling out.” Ted and I will always have full creative control regardless of investment opportunities.

So with that explanation out of the way, we’re going to start hyping this. As we get closer to the air date we’ll put out a fancy facebook post and incentives to share it. I’ll be organizing a viewing night at ye local bar in Toronto and hopefully we can get our NPL’s to get something together out in KW, Hammertown and some of the other UW cities. I’m sure our friends in Edmonton and London will be doing the same!

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Underworld LARP Presents: Autumn Thorns

I am Layyah AIeede of the Pax Arcaniam. We are your friends and allies. To the Pax Mordabish: we are your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters. You have been deceived for too long.

Jericho: You have helped liberate our sisters in Pax Prima. For that we are grateful. Our captors in the Pax Mordabish would have you believe that we slept in our prisons, unaware of our surroundings. We were not asleep. Our “brothers” told you we were stricken with insanity and that we needed to be put down. They took our sisters and daughters, the moment they left the womb, and placed us in prisons until they could find a “cure”. This misguided cure is the complete and utter destruction of all magic in the world. The truth is we were never insane. As a result of the destruction of our dragon, the men of our people had the magic removed from them. The women who all stood against the idea, had our magical abilities exponentially increased. At the time we were unprepared for this and had yet to learn how to control it. We did not need to be systematically subjugated. We needed to be trained. Although many lived and died in those black prisons, our subconscious minds were linked, and we planned for the day of our return.

The Pax Mordabish wish to destroy the Aspect of Hatred, known as Inviticus. This may sound just at first, but know their methods of doing so will have a devastating effect. Your land has many intersecting laylines that ebb and flow with all the magic that fills this world. On many of these, the Pax Mordabish have placed their wicked devices. These devices will poison the laylines and ultimately destroy the magic that feeds every living thing. Inviticus will die by their swords when the magic is removed but so too will the Fae, the spirits of the dead, the Mages, and anyone who can cast magic. All those that use magic will suffer a terrible painful death as our “brothers” drain it out of the land.

It is with sorrow in my heart that I must tell you that I do not believe we can stop this in time. There are too many devices in place and we cannot remove them before they are activated. The Pax Mordabish have already begun their final assault and based on our current predictions, they will successfully destroy the magic in our world, and be ready to confront the Aspect of Hatred, by the end of October. That being said, while we cannot stop it, we do have a plan. It is a long shot and we will need all our allies but there is still a chance.

Our first goal must be sever the connections to Pax Prima. With a majority of Mordabish troops fighting their way to Inviticus’s stronghold, only a small reserve has been left behind to guard the main gating device. They are led by the 1st Subjugater Khalid Abed Djinn, a man I understand many of you are familiar with. He will pay for his transgressions. I will be bringing my sisters together in a week’s time. Seek us Friday night, 11pm at your town fire and we will discuss what needs to be done. Be prepared; some of our misguided brothers still creep your woods and they will most assuredly try to stop us.


Welcome to the second last full weekend event of the 2014 season. Remember to dress warm as the nights are getting cooler.

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Underworld LARP Presents : Red Rebel Renegades

The drums of war sound on..

Jericho has celebrated a number of key victories in their fight against the Pax Mordabish and, ultimately, the Aspect of Hatred, but the war is not over.

The protective magics that held back Inviticus are gone and so too is the leash of the tyrannical Pax, but where does that leave Jericho? The Pax seemingly care nothing for Jericho anymore. They did their job in defeating Morgaine, the Banshee Queen. Their attention now turns south, towards Inviticus himself. This brief moment of respite should not be squandered.

The Pax Arcanium, the Grey Elves, the Germmel, the Risen and the Muck Water Goblins are all allies of Jericho. Their pieces on the battle map must be chosen carefully, lest we forget that should the Pax Mordabish fail in defeating Inviticus, life on this land will cease, forever.

Please join us for our 5th weekend event of the 2014 season!

With this event our year-long story lines arc toward a conclusion. There are 2 events left before All Hallows and this event ties into some plotlines that occurred much earlier in the year.

This event does not conflict with Ralinwood and it’s been a good 3 weeks since our last event, so we expect our attendance numbers to shoot back up again.

Parking on one side at logistics worked great last event, we’d like to try it again with the higher amount of cars. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE ENTRANCE – I had to ask some cars to move because of the small amount of space left at the entrance to rows # 2 & 3. Remember that large trucks park there too, for the safety of your vehicle’s bumpers, please park in the back rows instead, we’d hate to see you get clipped.

I will be not at this event but Dave will be, so he’ll be taking over my job at logistics from about 8pm until they close. Take all donations to him, he’ll write it down and I’ll apply the frags after.

2 weeks until lay-on, Jericho!

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Underworld LARP Presents : The Enemy of my Enemy is still my Enemy

When the Pax Arcanium arrived, they commanded Jericho to destroy the Banshee Queen and to rebel against the Pax Mordabish. Some citizens have taken up their cause, but will there be enough to hold fast against the harsh retribution of the Mordabish. In this time of war, who can be trusted?

Each citizen of Jericho must look deep into their own soul and decide what’s worth dying for. The war against Inviticus must be won, but what must be sacrificed for victory?

The Pax Arcanium has told you that now is the time to move against the Mordabish.

They say that now is the time for Jericho to take back its freedom.

They say they can help you… but are you willing to bet your life on it?

Remember, with all the villains that have shown themselves in the Grey Elven Forest: “The Enemy of my Enemy is still my Enemy”.


Please join us for our 5th full weekend event of 2014! This event picks up where the shocking events of the 4-day event, “Requiem for a Queen” left off. Hold on to your hats folks, we’re entering the home stretch of this 6+ year old plotline and Jericho’s fate can go in any direction now.

– Note that due to a medical issue, the regular tavern will NOT be open for this event. Instead, Tom / Hawke at the hospital will be running a “tavern light”. You can find details about this mini-tavern here:


– We expect numbers to be a little lighter for this event, mostly due to the 4-day being less than 2 weeks passed and a simultaneous event being run at our sister-guild, Ralinwood. This is NOT a bad thing for you however – more plot, more loot, more chances to steer Jericho’s fate! But if you’d like to continue our streak of record-breaking attendance, hey, we won’t mind one bit.

– If you are new or would like details about how to pre-register, please read this thread on our forums:


There’s only 3 weekend events left before we move into All Hallows and everything about Jericho’s future will be decided during those events. Join us, and make your mark on history!

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Underworld LARP Presents: Requiem for a Queen

To the loyal Citizens of the Pax Mordabish and their Allies,

The forces of Inviticus have attempted once again to weaken and destroy us. And, like all the times before, we have survived. I personally congratulate you on your tenacity and perseverance. As we have said before, you do not fight alone. Before the next full moon our forces in Jericho and Mea Visa will assault Morgaine, the Banshee Queen. While you brave and fearless soldiers are combating that evil, know that you will not be battling alone. While you fight the Moragine, our forces in Valan’s Honour will dispatch the Arch Lich, Ashen Kane. Further to the West we aim to have Suvant engage the Zombie Lord that terrorizes the lands south of them. This combined effort will destroy the Aspect of Hatred’s strongest generals and will provide us the opportunity to end him, finally. We will be providing you with the gates necessary to take the fight to the Dark Queen herself. Her castle is infested with magic, her forces are filled with hatred, but I, your supreme Overlord, will give you the opportunity to rid her form our lands. To purify more of the forest you have chosen to call home.

Now despite all we have done, some still feel our presence here is not wanted. They remain blind to the victories we have brought and look to other far more dangerous allies for aid. You, the People of Jericho, are truly in danger of replacing one magical threat with another. Any true and loyal citizen of Jericho is commanded to inform the Pax Mordabish of any and all acts of treason against our war efforts. Do not give in to those that coat their lies in sweet words of treachery. Our ways may seem harsh, but we have not lied to you. We deliver on our promises, and are as dedicated to winning this war as you are. None of your other so called allies can say as much. Follow me, and we will guide you to true freedom.

Stand and be counted among those who will defend these lands with their lives.
Stand and be counted among those who will burn hatred from the heart of this forest.
Stand and be counted among those that bring honour and glory to Jericho and the Pax Mordabish.

Morgaine sings a dirge of hatred, but the time has come to make it her requiem.

The Banshee Queen must die!

High Overlord Nabot-San
Slayer of Dragons, Destroyer of Gods
Pax Mordabish



Welcome to our long weekend event of the 2014 season. We broke records last game! 172 players. That’s nuts!

Traditionally our long weekend events tend to be a good mix of RP and plenty of combat. We hit you hard last game with the Morgaine’s retribution but now it is time to take the fight to her. Town will be slightly safer from the wandering choir of death but by no means should you let your guard down. This is an event 6 years in the making. I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Date: Aug 1st to Aug 4th, 2014
Logistics Open: 6:00PM
Event Time: 10:00PM
Cost: $55 ($50 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 2

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Underworld LARP Presents: Pray for Villains

The Pax Mordabish have successfully seized control over the town of Jericho. Under their iron rule, citizens are used as fodder in their war on Inviticus, the aspect of Hatred. If the Pax Mordabish fail, all life ends. Jericho, and her allies, have little choice but to do their bidding.. for now. Their first target; the Banshee Queen, Morgaine and her choir of death. Jericho’s “missions” for the Pax have been successful so far and thankfully with little causalities, but those winds may soon change. While most of the undead are fighting the Pax, a dark haunting song plays across the decimated wastes south of where the curtain once stood. A foreboding reminder that the Banshee queen still maintains control of her lands and will surely turn her dreadful voice in the direction of Jericho, very soon.

And what of this rogue group of Pax known only as the Pax Arcanium? What of Rhademia and her colossal construct known only as Gormac the Earthshatterer? As if matters could not be worse, rumours spread like fire that the consecration spells used to keep away the former ruler of Jericho, and suspected Vampire Lord, Lord Reann Tanna, have failed. Jericho’s greatest enemies seem to be converging all at once. Jericho needs to find some friends fast and she no longer has the liberty of being particular.

For if heroes fail, it’s time to pray for villains.


Welcome to our 3rd full weekend event of the 2014 season. This has historically been our largest event of the year and we’re well on track to seeing that happen again. This event is special for a number of reason and we’re throwing out some player incentives to make this epic.

As a many of you know we’ve had some minor database issues over the last couple events. This is our first solid year running a unified database for all 3 guilds. It’s working amazingly but we’re bound to run into a few glitches along the way. Our DB and logistics team is incredible, very hard working and they do way more work than they receive rewards for. They are putting in overtime hours to make sure everything is set for all our games so let me start by thanking them publicly for all their hard work. To alleviate some of the stresses you, as a player, might have trying to Prelog and update, we’re offering a second blanket for this event. This second blanket is no way an indication of the kind of challenges you’ll see at game July 11th. No way at all. None. *shifty eyes*. The rewards for NPC’s, Shapers, etc have also all doubled for this game. We’re also happy to announce our first pig roast of the year. That’ll take place Saturday July 12th. Tickets will be $10 and that will net you usually more than you can eat. Details on that will follow with our tavern folks. Finally, and this is the most exciting part, we’re excited to say that this event will harbour the return of a sizable amount of UW veterans. When I say vets, I mean players that help build and mold this game, 18+ years ago. These players, still friends after all these years, were the people I looked up to when I started PC’ing. UW would not be the game you love today if they had not set the tone and mood for an 18+ LARP, back when that was all taboo. Boffer-walker jokes aside these are some of the best people I have ever roleplayed with and their coming back to help us in the current plotline in various ways. They’re excited and we’re happy they are coming back to help Jericho in her time of need (or hurt her, it could really go either way).

We have a few other special things planned but we’ll update that as we get closer. We’re still waiting on numbers (sorry!) but we’re all but positive we broke records last game. I have a sinking suspicion we’re about to destroy that record again. See you on the battle field.

Logistics Open: 6:00PM
Event Time: 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 2 (yes 2!)

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Pray for Villains fixed copy (Medium)

Underworld LARP Jericho Presents : A Poison to the Ear

War has begun.

The anti magic legions of the Pax Mordabish have shattered the beacon. The Curtain, the magical barrier holding back an army of undead, is gone. With no other option Jericho must now stand beside its enemies to face what they deem “the greater threat.”

The Pax promise freedom and liberation of the oppression that is magic, and in exchange for compliance, they have kept their word and are patrolling the farmlands against the forces of undead… for now. There is little choice but to follow the lead on more missions against the Aspect of Hatred, Inviticus.

The Pax have made it clear that no undead will escape their wrath. Some townsfolk have begun to accept them; others feel it is only a matter of time before they show their true colours.

As if things could not get more complicated, the Necromancer Rhademia still haunts the land, and with her, a massive stone construct from a long forgotten time named Gormac. Worse still an ancient foe is rumour to have been seen over the winter months, an old eternal evil that has vowed revenge of the good citizens of Jericho. As if they needed more enemies.

One thing is clear, Inviticus must be stopped and the war must end before everything is lost. The only question left is “Will the price be too great?”

Please join us for our second full weekend event “A Poison to the Ear.” Last event we broke season opener records and possibly most players ever. This event is already shaping up to be larger. It is not to be missed. The weather is getting warmer, the swimming hole is getting more attractive and our player base is blooming. We’re pretty hyped to make this event incredible.
JunePosterC (Small)
Prelogistics opens: Friday, 6:00PM
Event Time: 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6