Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Hearts of Darkness

Some of you have witnessed the atrocities that are being conducted on the past citizens of old Jericho. This may be your past selves, or the lives of your friends and family. Regardless of what this may represent to us now, one thing is certain: The mysterious organization known as The Black Channel are using magics most foul to torture, mutilate and harvest the spirits of Jericho’s past. You, present day citizens, are their hope of either freedom, or a quick and merciful death.

Under the orders of your new Baron, The Admiral, you are to return Old Jericho yet again. The harvesting operation must be stopped and whatever purpose the Black Channel has, must be discovered.The Conclave and your town leadership are working diligently to find the means to send you back to that nightmarish place. Where time has no meaning and the air is pierced by the screams of your tortured selves.

Stop the Black Channel by any means available to you. If you find resistance in the past, destroy it. If you find allies, use them to accomplish your task while avoiding any unnecessary complications. There is no telling what may have become of past Jericho You may find hearts filled with light and hope, or those filled with darkness from circumstance.

The clock is ticking, the hours are slipping by.

The past increases, the future recedes.

It is time to end this madness now.

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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Dancing the Hangman’s Jig

“March 18, 2259

Judge Marshal,

As you are aware, the Empire wishes to consolidate its holdings in your region. As such, the first Barony of Jericho has been established. Your new nobility is a highly decorated naval officer of the 21st Berphaunt Fleet and a loyal man to the Emperor and the Empire. Admiral Zeddicus Lockwood, Baron of Jericho, will be departing from Berphauntian seas to his new home, aboard his personal vessel “Demons Durance” in the coming weeks. He has requested he be referred to simply as “Admiral” and you will abide by that. Once his ship draws close to shore the Conclave are confident they have the means to levitate his vessel to avoid significant travel times, avoid danger spots and to grant him a safe residence within the town of Jericho until permanent structures can be constructed. Please ensure proper arrangements are made to welcome him appropriately to his new position as head of your council and baron to the lands.

Share this missive with the populous as you see fit.

Lord Terence Aldam
Empire of Berphaunt”

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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Jewel of Denial

Know, O thou kind Jericho hosts, that in days of yore and in ages long ago, on a night much like this, a great change stirred.

In our tale, the wealthy and influential did plot and scheme. Four armies of Cindus’Thalan converged on each other on what is now The Eternal City, all reaching for power. Before them all stood a great Stranger standing alone in a tent, inviting the leaders inside. The tent was filled with delicious food, drink and song. Suddenly, the Stranger extended his will, vowing no further blood would be shed on this land for a ten years. With no war to fight, the leaders decided to remain, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Over time, the differences between the nations softened by the hospitality under the tent, and the war never continued again.

My name is Ardeth bey, I am the leader of my tribe and today, we come to offer our renowned hospitality while your guilds, guards, and leaders make council. We of the Nuwebai Tribe have travelled untolded distances through your Skein gates to find goods, stories, adventure and allies. As a gift from a special Stranger among us, (similar to tales of old), we stay our swords and magics. Instead we welcome song and stories, drinks and dancing, games and gambling. We have heard tell that this is a time of rebuilding and rekindling of friendships within Jericho and we come to raise up a great Pavilion to both entertain and entice you. To you we offer drinking, dancing, gambling and trade. Like us, the citizens of Jericho do not live safe lives, and must be constantly aware of potential threats. So, for one night, we offer as a gift of friendship a place where swords will not be needed, but wit and intellect will be as sharp as any blade.

So please, come and share in the hospitality of the Fire Elves of the Newebai Tribe and listen to our tales while you spin your own.

– Ardeth bey, borne of the Sun

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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Set in Stone – An Epilogue

The nights are long and what is left of the day remains frigid and desolate. The wild beasts that roam Maud’madir return to their caves to slumber as winter reaches its darkest depths. In those depths awaken memories from a time long before Jericho called the land above, “home”.

It is now that the Berphauntian Mining Guild chooses to stake their claim on all that lays beneath. They plunge deep into the frozen ground to see what riches they may glean. A new series of caves has been found, inside Jericho’s borders. Evidence suggests rich ore deposits and abundant veins of gems. For their first major descent into this new system the guild will be outsourcing their security and labour needs to local adventurers. That means you.

Perhaps there’s nothing dangerous down there, living underneath Jericho’s new home. Perhaps it’s safe.

And perhaps tomorrow you’ll wake up in a house made of gold.
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Jericho 2017 Season Schedule

Get out your shiny new planners and prepare to ask the boss for the days off, Jericho’s 2017 season schedule has been posted!

If clicking is too much for you:

January 21st – Tavern night (in Toronto)
February 18th – Tavern night (In Toronto)
April 1st – Day mod (or tavern night)
April 22nd – Day mod (or tavern night)

May 12-14 (Full Moon) Weekend #1
June 2-4 Weekend #2
June 23-25 Weekend #3 (Full Moon)
July 7-9 (Full Moon) Weekend #4
** WARCRY August 4-7 ** (in Kalidor / Edmonton)
August 25-27 Weekend #5
Sept 15-17 Weekend #6
Oct 6-8 (Full Moon) Weekend #7
Oct 27-29 (All Hallows) Weekend #8

Dec 2 Day Mod (Highwinter)

Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: The Naughty List

Top of the season to you all!

The time of High Winter is upon you again! We have seen that you have created a doorway to our world. While we are overjoyed that you choose to connect with us, it appears that you have inadvertently released a terrible ancient evil. To compound matters, you have a pesky block of ice plugging up the way into our realm.

Fear not! The Cane-Clave sees that your intentions were good. Certainly all you wished to do was immerse yourselves in High Winter festivities all year round! Sadly, the ancient evil is already causing problems in both our worlds. As well as your intentions may have been, this monster was put away long before Nikolai and Lord Frost became the annoyances that they are.

You simply MUST gather at the nearby Emporium and Tavern on the 3rd of December. High Hooplah Pooblah, Pennyroyal of The Green Spire, will meet you there to provide assistance as you clean up your mess. We know you all want to do the right thing and set things right.

Arvensis Mentha
High Hooplah Pooblah of The Red Spire


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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: The Asylum Heretica

The dragon Ixiad, called by some as the Aracha’Draghoul, has been trapped for an eternity in a world called the Far Realm. A place where only the most horrific and nightmarish creatures call home. She was trapped inadvertently by a planular lock, hidden far beneath the town of Jericho. Now the lock itself has become damaged and Ixiad has clawed her way, once again, into the realm of mortals. She is what the Nightmares fear and she is coming home.

Spreading her vast web of power over the town she claims is hers, she has released a horde of nightmarish power she called “aid”. Red sparks of True Fae power skitter around the forests of Jericho like spiders, transforming the mortals into frightening hybrids of man and monster. Infusing all with this power, she has tasked them with a single simple goal – enter the prison called “Asylum Heretica”, find the lock, and obliterate it.

On All Hallows’ the gates of the Asylum Heretica will open, with its prison cells designed with purpose to trap and hold only the most powerful of villains. Those villains who were once the most fearsome and terrible monsters in the known lands. Now that title belongs to you.

You, the monsters of Jericho, shall enter these strange prison cells, each their own pocket plane of unique design made specifically to accommodate their captives; some bending the very nature of magic and reality as you know it. Find those that would dare threaten what you worked so hard to obtain, and terrorize them.

Let the hunters become the hunted.


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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Fundamental Fracture

Child, stare into the flame with me. Witness the power it has to change.

We have removed the impurities from the clay and worked it to form. We must now place it within the inferno to temper it.

See how the blaze of the crucible refines the clay, extracts the moisture and leaves only the solid stone. Place the work within and see it harden.

Be weary though, too much heat and the clay will fracture. You must be vigilant and watch. As is true in battle it is here as well. At the first sign of a break you must act. Reach into the flame and retrieve your prize. The culmination of your work now rests in your hands. Cherish it and give praise to your ancestors for they have lead you here.


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