An Emperor’s Plea

Citizens of the Empire,

These are dark days; the transition from kingdom to empire has not been an easy one. Age, experience and, I dare say, wisdom have taught me many things since we first started this just venture. Mistakes have been made along the way and if I could do things over, I would do them differently. Firstly, I should have killed Leopold the moment I laid eyes on him during the first summit of peace. I was a fool to believe peace was attainable through diplomacy and parley; I put too much faith in the intelligence of Tiefanue. Many have said that as a leader I am faultless, but this is not true. If I posses a fault it is my love for my children above all things. My sons and daughters are the stars in my night sky and I would do anything in my power to keep them safe and see them happy. Leopold knows this and has exploited this father’s love for his own political, and military gain. He tore my daughter from me, kidnapping and subverting her against her own father, only to cruelly abandon my child AND GRANDCHILD, on a Brood infested continent, leaving her broken and devoid of allies. Were it not for the bravery and dedication of a few Empire citizens, she would be dead and his plans complete. What greater crime can there be than to pervert an innocent daughter’s love for her father and use it as a tool in his treasonous ambition?

I urge you, faithful citizens of my Empire: the words of the princess are not her own. She has been brainwashed by our enemies, and worse still her own child, my blood, has been ripped from her womb. Imagine if you will what that must be like; it is a condition no mortal should have to suffer. It is no wonder she speaks with a devil’s tongue against her own flesh and blood, against her family. She has been taken with the mania and thus her words should be given no credence.

Yes, Ga’more is a problem; one the Empire will deal with swiftly and without mercy. Louisa claims that the Firstborn Shiloth, in the guise of my own loving wife, will divide us. This is is simply not true. She is mad and her mind broken. As proof, we accept this temporary peace with the Church of Light disguised as the Whiteraven Alliance, and with our age old enemies the Sons of Sprawn. Let them fight on the front lines to slow the horde of Brood so that Empire casualties may be minimized. It makes no difference to the us. The Gods and Dragons will judge them for their crimes against us and we will remain after all are dead.

Finally, my offer to any loyal citizen of the Empire still stands: bring my daughter home, alive and unharmed, and I will see you granted your heart’s desire. Title, nobility, whatever is in my kingdom to offer. It shall be yours.


My daughter. Your words are treason yet my love for you is so great that I cannot bring myself to judge those crimes. You have been misled by those you mistakenly trusted and I beg you, as your father and your emperor, give up this fool’s errand. You are loved and missed by your family. Your stepmother is distraught, not due to your hateful words to her, but instead out of worry and love for her daughter. I know she can never replace your mother, but she loves you and cares for you deeply. We just want you to come home. You have my word, all will be forgiven. I will make those who hurt you pay for their crimes a thousand times over, or I will forgive them as well should you but ask. Just please, my daughter, my evening star, come back to your family.

His Imperial Majesty,
Emperor Louis Berphaunt



The Whiteraven Alliance

No single nation or independent town can stand against the might of the Empire of Berphaunt. So no single nation shall. On the 11th day of February, in the year 2258, the Kingdom of Tiefanue called out to her allies to unite and make a stand against global tyranny. Meeting in secret in the independent town of Whiteraven, leaders of these rebellious Kingdoms and Independents formalised and signed the Whiteraven Accord. This accord spelled out an alliance dedicated to peace, protection of the innocent and halting the expansion of the Empire. Their motto: Ruled by no one, but governed by all.

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The Undead Stir at the Peak of Mount Dracos

I would give warning to all who bare the name Sons of Sprawn. The Bar’Ghul stand opposed to any alliance with the weak and pathetic pink skins of the Whiteraven or the genocidal Empire of Berphaunt. Trust them not for their treachery against our kind ends now and will not go unpunished. Long have I sat atop a throne that rests upon a mountain of the bones my enemies. All of which taken from the kingdom of Tifenue who stood against us. I slaughter them under the hooves of my mount in the name of my master Styphon and add their bodies his Black Army. I will not be denied the right any kill that I choose from their ranks or the trophy of their flesh.

Do not forget that it is our united hatred of pink skins that has made us the force that they now fear. Slaughter the weak ones and claim this Savage Legion for our numbers. Any pink skin even crossing my path will know pain of death and service as my undead slave.

I will not find friend in any who give safehaven to my enemies. You have been warned.

– Shuc’Noc the Eternal, chieftain of the Bar’Ghul and servant of the Black Wyrm

Hail to the Empire

Citizens of the Empire,

The man named Leopold, who begs for your help in these dire times, is wanted for treason against the Crown, and even his own Whiteraven Alliance has turned on him. Rushing to his aide is folly and will put your lives at an unnecessary risk. The traitorous swine even has the audacity to use my kidnapped daughter’s pure and innocent name to rally the people of Arthos to his fool’s crusade. Do not be swayed.

There are wild rumours afoot regarding the continent we once called home. Whispers may lead you to believe the land once called Amerinthia is now swarming with brood and slowly drifting towards our home. If this information is in fact true, then we will not be driven away again; we will defend our continent of Berphaunt. I have readied my forces and sent them to the shores of the South and Eastern seas to defend our lands. The swarms of brood will break upon our bastions of unity and resolve. While Leopold dines on filth with the greenskins, an enemy we know would see us dead or even worse as their slaves, my Conclave have rallied their best mages for the cause. They are working tirelessly to forge a solution to our problem, defeat Ga’more, and minimize the loss of the lives Leopold would have thrown away like so much garbage.

However, I am not the tyrant my vilifiers allege me to be and I will not stop the movement of my people. If you do intend to assist, remember to conduct yourselves properly as citizens of the Empire. Furthermore, to the loyal citizen who brings me the bastard Leopold’s head I will grant a title, lands and nobility. In addition, if you return my lost daughter to me, you will have the gratitude of a father’s broken heart and anything in my Empire that it is within my power to give.
Be strong, citizens. This is not the first time our resolve has been tested by Ga’more. As ever, in the end we must emerge triumphant.

Your Emperor,
HIM Louis Berphaunt


Who the holy fucking hell betrayed my very direct and very explicit order, entered my menagerie, and murdered my Behir? Why are my guards dead? Why does my remaining guard tell me it was you insubordinate, order disobeying, pieces of brood filth? I swear by Malagant’s crusted up shit stained asshole will see justice and retribution had this day!

Who did it? Councillors report. Sheriff report. I want their heads.I want reports. I want reports tattooed on the scalps of those aforementioned heads.


A Plea for Aid

Dear Free People of Arthos,

You have not heard from either of us in a long time but we speak to you now as outcasts from our own people. As refugees with nowhere else to turn but to our friends from around the world and to the very people who have saved this world countless times, the adventurers. We have fought beside you, we have witnessed great victories and humbling defeats together. Now when the world is in need we ask you to unite together and join us. We suspect this land coming toward us is in fact the ancient home of the Berphauntian people, the fabled land of Amerinthia. What ever happened here so long ago is now our legacy to go back and set right.

The Berphauntian Empire ignores the threat they are faced with and the Whiteraven Alliance neglects its duties by waiting for the battle to come to them. So it must be us, the free willed, the individuals, the unaligned who answer this call.

The Sons of Sprawn are going in force to the new island and we have made contact with them. Krulbjorn Lightstrike of the Stormborn assures us that no harm with come to any who lend aid. This is an opportunity not only to save our world from a largest threat it has ever seen but also to begin the threads of peace to the unending wars back home.

Who will answer our call? Who will come to the land of the brood and perhaps there we will even find an end to the monstrous race of the insects or even to the horror of Ga’more himself. We have been hiding on Melinda and if you do not believe our words trust in the guidance of the one who has cause to hate Ga’more and see him dead more than any other, Essylt, the dragon once under his domination and command, has set us on this path. If you follow a dragon you will not let Ga’more go unpunished for what he did to Essylt! But even more so if you follow a god you cannot stand by and let the betrayer of the gods get away with causing the death of an entire pantheon along with so many others. And if you serve no one but yourself think now on what the brood have done to you and those around you and consider this may be the first step toward actually taking the fight to Gamore and turning the tables on the brood in their own lands.

Essylt wants to see this threat removed from the world more than any other, she has offered aid to get any who are willing to Amerinthia. We have used the last of our resources to arrange for Skein Gate travel to Melinda on the day we set sail. While our actions go against the command and wishes of our leadership, and may even seem treasonous to some, please know we do this to persevere the future and legacy of both the Empire of Berphaunt and the Whiteraven Alliance. We are their children and we must save these lands for our children’s children. Board your ships or come by Skein Gate and make haste to Melinda to join us in this cause. None who wish to help end this bastard god of domination and his lust for power will be left behind. On August 4, 2259 Essylt will take any who have made it to Melinda and transport us via the Far Realm to once lost realm of Amerintha.

This isn’t just about our countries who have abandoned Arthos to its fate. This is about us, as free people, standing up to the tyrant god and his army of bugs and saying, no more. We will not be afraid. We will not run, nor will we hide. By sword, dagger, alchemy and magic, on this day we will fight!”

– Prince Leopold Tiefanue & Princess Lousia Berphaunt

Regarding the Brood threat:

Citizens of the great Empire of Berphaunt:

It is with a heavy heart we must reply to this leak of misinformation and inform everyone of the facts as they stand and the Empire’s actions.

Yes, there is a large landmass, we suspect to be an undiscovered continent approaching our very own Maud’madir. This much is true. And it does appear that a large number of brood have infected this land. But the threat to our lives has been greatly exaggerated let us assure you. There are not “millions” of brood and a “new species” of orc on this new land. Berphaunt’s Legions have proven time and again to be more than a match for any military force we’ve had to face and we will not go out to strange lands searching for trouble. Rest assured; you are safe and secure in your own homes. If you do encounter a brood please inform your local authorities and we will dispatch the nearest legion immediately. The Emperor takes your safety very seriously and that is why he will not be wasting a single soldier by sending them on a fool’s errand to another land supposedly “filled with brood.

Long Live the Emperor
Long Last the Empire.

-Chamberlain Alderan de Mowbray, On behalf of Emperor Louis Berphaunt.