Sons of Sprawn

Introducing the first major faction on the world of Arthos: the Sons of Sprawn. Originally a loose conglomeration of Orcish clans, they now stand behind their martyred leader to eliminate all pink-skins.

Who will you be fighting? Read up on one of the real threats to both Berphaunt and Whiteraven here.

From the Office of the Emperor

To the Good and Loyal People of the Great Empire of Berphaunt.

As an Empire, we have been the bastion of civilization that the world has always needed. We have brought order and peace to all the lands that have joined us.

But there are those that paint us as the enemy. Their own hunger for power has turned them away from the path that even the Gods of Light have set for them. They have fallen prey to corruption.

Tiefanue’s great losses to the Firstborn Dragon Styphon the Black has unfortunately weakened it to the state that fanatical religious zealots have gained power and are blaspheming the teachings of the Gods of Light in order to maintain their control over their subjects. These zealots have traveled out to other nations and have convinced them that they must war against us. This is unjust. We have only ever wanted peace and prosperity for all our citizens, both old and new.

They have moved against our great and peaceful empire, and in doing so, have not just attacked our empire, but have committed a personal and grievous slight against our Imperial Person.

The traitorous Nation of Tiefanue, led by their corrupt Church of Light, has kidnapped our Princess Louisa, beloved Daughter and champion of the common folk of Berphaunt. To wage war by sinister means is no surprise from a nation whose gods abandoned them on the brink of destruction. Great hardship and losses often weaken the resolve and morals of men and leaves them husks of their former selves. It is with a heavy heart that we see just how far Tiefanue has fallen. And, to our eternal dismay, they have pulled other nations and independent towns down with them.

To kidnap an innocent to use as a pawn, and to threaten torture on her blessed form, is the height of evil and cowardice from a nation that pretends to fly a banner of chivalry.

To the traitorous Whiteraven Alliance, we say this: Return our Daughter home. Make good on your boasts of honour and love for those that are innocent. Do not allow your previous defeats to corrupt you into the very thing you once deplored. If you return the Princess Louisa to the loving embrace of the Empire immediately, then we will enact no punishment upon your people. This is our solemn vow. However, if you continue to hide her from us then there will be no member of your Alliance that will be safe from the search that will span this entire continent. She is not just our Daughter, but the Daughter of the Empire. What would you do to recover your lost child? How can you pretend to a
follower of the Gods of Light when you hide her in darkness?

We are all well aware that there are loyal members of the Empire everywhere. Merchants bringing goods, Adventurers seeking glory, Mage’s Guilds that apprenticed under loyal Magus. We would ask you now to aid us in our search. If the Whiteraven Alliance continues to work in the darkness then it is the Empire that must be the Bastion of Light. We call on all loyal subjects everywhere to be vigilant. Help us find our lost princess, our beacon of hope, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

We know she is as dear to you and she is to us. Bring her home. And let peace once again flow through our lands. Those that would harm her, no place on Arthos will be safe from our wrath.

From Chancellor Cartagia, from the Office of Diplomacy and Statecraft, written on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Louis Berphaunt

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An Order from the Church of Light

People of Arthos:

We live in dark times, my friends. On the island of Kalidor our brothers and sisters of New Dawn are the last bastion of Light in a sea of dark worship and undead plague. All across the mainland dark worship is gaining ground and the corruption of the light increases further every day. The Betrayal of the Empire and her allies has caused the cold bite of winter to settle in Melinda and the Shadow Isles. Unbelievers say that the world is facing a new age, a dark age.

But brothers and sisters of the church, I write to you now to tell you this. Ages are defined not by those who must endure them, but by those who look back at the actions taken during them. Let not our age be defined by darkness and evil. Let it be defined by those who stood against the growing shadow. We are the Light! Let this be the age of Cleansing Fire! Where all those who stand for good and righteousness unite together against the spreading dark!

I write to you now, from the heart of the Church of Light, about such spreading corruption within our own ranks of the White Raven Alliance. The Princess Louisa, Daughter of the Emperor of Berphaunt, has defected from the Empire and has attempted to seek asylum in Whiteraven lands but before she could be handed to the Church, she was taken by unknown forces. Forces from within our own ranks, misguided into thinking she is something more than a weapon used to save the innocents. Those who help in her return to the Church of Light will be rewarded. Those who aid in sheltering her will find only cleansing justice. Be warned that any who aid her will suffer the same fate as those who helped her escape. There is only one word for such an act, treason. Anyone who is found to have uncovered the Princess’ location and does not come forward with this information will be treated just as harshly. Princess Louisa is to be found and handed over to the Citadel for further questioning.

People of the world I send a simple message. Give her no harbor. Return her to the Church so we may gain what information we can from her about the weaknesses of our common enemy, the corrupt Empire of Berphaunt. Do this, for the good of all, the Gods demand it.

With grace,
Archbishop Roderick Hale

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Be wary Traveler!

Be wary Traveler!

Dear Cousins and anyone who travel the winding paths of Maud’madir. I, Josepi Traduceri, bard extraordinaire, merchant of many small wares, and weary traveler, bring ill tidings from my travels. The roads in the wilder regions are no longer safe for a weary traveler or merchant. Over the last year I have traveled far and wide, sometimes by Skein and sometimes by caravan but everywhere I go I hear the rumblings of disturbing things. And so as I travel I leave these notes with the Skein Magus’ and on notice boards I come across, mayhap what I have heard will serve to keep you safe in your travels.

The roads near the larger settlements of the great nations of Maud’madir remain as dubiously safe as they ever were. But in the wild places the Greenskins are being whipped into a frenzy. I cannot say for certain that what I have gathered is not mere coincidence; certainly the authorities I have addressed have told me as much but the evidence convinces me that there is something sinister afoot. The Goblinoids raid and pillage every where with increasing cohesion and ferocity.

Near the southern border of Felnir the human settlement of Amberglen was raided, those who fled that I spoke with told me a tale of an Orcish tribe setting upon their towns valiant militia – only for the defenders to be dragged down into the ground by great horned monsters! This one admittedly makes little sense to me as the only horned creatures I know of underground are the Minotaur and they are not known raiders.

To the North of Duvain reports have trickled in from the new port of Ralinwood that the Greenskin horde in the Mountains have begun to stir once more. The last time these mountain clans united it required direct assistance from the Duvainian military to quell.

Across the northeastern border of Berphaunt the reports have been even more wild and disturbing. Everything from entire merchant caravans crippled with alchemy to whole cemeteries being looted and emptied! I even heard it said that a group of monstrous ogres were seen leading the dead from their rest!

Cousins, be careful that the trails you pick are wide and brightly lit, that your wagons are in good repair, your horses and oxen are healthy and strong so to run fast, and that your campsites are safely hidden and well guarded. I fear for us all who wander these wild roads, but I could not bear to hear of a Cousin falling to these dangers.

Again friends I have been blessed thus far that I have not seen any of these Greenskin assaults but why would so many people tell the tale if it were not true?

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