Welcome New Brunswick to the fold!

It’s with a great amount of pride that I get to post this! Underworld LARP has grown so much in such a short time. We’re pleased to say, in Canada, we are now in double digits AND coast to coast! Please welcome the 10th addition of our UW family, Underworld LARP Moncton – Guildhouse: Bryzanthea

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/515980051895971/

I encourage you all to check out and join their Bryzanthea FB group. Show them some love from our amazing community. Bryzanthea will be owned and operated by Guildmasters Jason and Bridget Buckley. I just found out Bridget likes unicorns which means she’s going to have to have an accident later but JASON IS AMAZING! I jest, I’ve been working with both of them over the last couple months and I’ve got the utmost confidence in their ability. Check out their experience and bi’s below.

Co-Owner: Mr. Jason Buckley
Mr. Buckley has been passionate about the medieval fantasy genre for over 20 years. It all started with the first novel he ever read: JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and grew into a passion that would span a lifetime. He’s been involved in numerous theatre and stage productions throughout high school and his early twenties. He was also heavily involved in his high school’s Role Playing Club, as well as participating in numerous Dungeons and Dragons Games outside of school. Most recently he was involved in the production and cast of Mythical Journeys Live Action Role Playing Game, in Putnam, Conn. On the business side of his experience Mr. Buckley has a diploma in Business Management from Oulton College.

Mr. Buckley will be an integral part of this business, his responsibilities in the business will include various duties like new character registration, volunteer recruiting and organization, collaborating with other guilds in the Underworld universe on storylines, site care & upkeep, costume and equipment management, prop creation and management, event scheduling and advertising. As Co-Owner he will also take an active role in the long term planning of the business.

Co-Owner: Mrs. Bridget Buckley
Mrs. Buckley is a lifelong fantasy genre lover. She has loved unicorns and fairies for as far back as she can remember. So much so that she has garnered extensive experience in the field of horseback riding as well as care and maintenance for them. She has also been a passionate role playing gamer for the past 15 years, having played Werewolf RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade RPG and Dungeons and Dragons. Mr. and Mrs. Buckley were actually introduced at a dungeons and dragons game that they were both in. She has excellent organizational skills and excels at networking via phone. She has also had experience booking events and keeping schedules as she has been a stay at home mom for close to 8 years before returning to the workforce in 2014.

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Welcome Underworld Cape Breton!

“What an excellent belated Christmas gift for us. Please welcome our 9th chapter, Underworld Cape Breton – Guildhouse: Tempest Grove, to our loving and twisted family.

TG is owned and operated by Alex and Jeff, two incredibly talented people with years of gaming, cosplay, larping, and role paying experience under their belt. I’ve been working with them both throughout the last 3 months, assessing the viability of a game out in Nova Scotia. I think they’re going to do just fine.

They’re JUST getting started and setup. I’ll post the FB group, plus everything else, as they setup. Expect full season games from them in the spring, 2016.

Tempest Grove, welcome to the family. It’s all shenanigans from here.”

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Now with a Facebook page!

Introducing UW Saskatoon: Guildhouse Zenithstrand

Welcome the newest member of the Underworld LARP family – Guildhouse Zenithstrand, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! From co-owner Dave Ashby:

“With great pride and a liberal amount of squee’ing, please welcome to the family, Underworld Saskatoon!

Our friends and family out in Saskatchewan have opened up a chapter of Underworld, starting in 2016. Bryce Robinson, Wesley Gunn, and Tammy Asuma are taking the reins as Guildmasters for our 8th Underworld LARP Guild. They all have an extensive amount of experience in larping, both from a player perspective and Shaping, and gaming in general. I’ve spoken with all three of them and I’m really excited to see this Guild grow into something epic.

So, without further ado… Underworld LARP Saskatoon: Guildhouse Zenithstrand!

Welcome to the family folks!

Hail Hydra”

Check our their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Zenithstrand/

Medieval Times Toronto

Surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed during Medieval Times’ new show. From ringside seats, discover a feast of the eyes and appetite with more action, fun & excitement than ever before. Hang on to your helmet. The show is about to begin.

Witness a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry – while Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty.

Medieval Times is an avid donator to UW events, and we are always happy to attend their events.

Medieval TimesOfficial Website

U Create Comics

UcreateComics is an online comic book community with a Million Dollar Fund for comic book development. They accept all concept pitches and then put them to member votes. Then, UcreateComics awards comic book development deals of up to $50,000 (up to $25,000 for artists and writers, and up to $25,000 for commercialization)!

UcreateComics is the training ground for aspiring comic book artists & writers to become professional freelancers. It is a place where professional freelancers can compete for paying contracts.

Freelance members can compete for paid artist and writing contracts in order to turn winning pitches into comic books. All UcreateComics members (Fan members, Aspiring artists and writers members, and Freelancer members) can pitch a concept, character, script, or completed comic book for competition.

UcreateComics is an official sponsor of Underworld LARP – and collaborations are in the works!



Custom Armour at Midnight Armory


Midnight Armory specializes in custom fit, custom made armor. All of their creations are made to your measurements. Unlike many online vendors, and many of their competitors, they make things to fit you, and fit you well. Midnight Armory has provided armour, accessories and props to a large number of Underworld players and they have a merchandise table at log during events. All of their work is guaranteed for one year from purchase date (however, dog / pet damage and neglect are not covered).

MA can make your character concept a reality. They specialize in working from pictures and sketches to make your costume as unique and original as possible. From simple and functional to elaborate and detailed, they make quality armour and costuming.

Why choose MA over various online vendors?
Not only are their pieces custom fit and unique, MA are local and run by long time Underworld players. Online vendors generally do not make custom pieces. The ones that do are usually more expensive. The ones who dramatically beat MA prices are usually shipping either direct from India or China. If  you want personalized armour, quality armour, unique armour, and armour that fits well, then they are hands down better than any online vendor.

How to order:

Standard policy for all custom orders is as follows:
1) Interview: via email or in person.
Outline your basic idea and / or provide a sketch or a picture of what you want created.

2) Measurements:
You will receive a list of required measurements, or you can arrange to be measured in person.

3) Pricing:
You will receive a final price, and then you must forward 50% of the final agreed upon price as a deposit.
MA will make your piece, based on a first come first serve basis. They will always give you a turn over time, so you know how long your wait will be.

The only additional charges will be for changes as per your request. If you send a picture, pay a deposit, and then change your mind after production has been started,  you will be billed for this change. Minor changes are generally not a problem, but may also have minor charges to cover extra time and material.

MA will deliver at scheduled time. You must then pay the remaining balance as well as the cost of any agreed upon extras in full. If you default on payment, and fail to contact MA within 2 weeks of the delivery date, your deposit is void and your item will be resold.

CONTACT: midnightarmory@gmail.com

All prices are starting points, more complicated and intricate pieces will cost more than listed prices. This means that extraordinary tooling, air brushing, fluting and that sort of thing cost more. What they consider a normal amount of detail is included in every price below.




Leather starts @ $50 per pair
Studded leather starts @ $60 per pair
Banded Plate on Leather starts @ $80 per pair
Plate with Leather hinge starts @ $100 per pair


Mild Satin Finish Single $25, Pair $40
Mirrored Finish or Blackened Finish Single $30, pair $50
Solid Brass add $20 to above prices

Clamshell Gauntlets
Mild Satin Finish $170 per pair
Mirrored Finish or Blackened Finish $180 per pair



Leather starts @ $70
Leather and plate starts @ $100
Plate starts @ $90

Cuisse, Upper Leg

Mild Satin Finish $120 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130 per pair
Solid Brass add $60 to above price


Leather Gorgette starts @ $50

Brigande Gorgette
Mild Satin Finish $70
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $80
Brass add $30 to above price

Leather and Steel full collar Gorgette starts @ $120

Two Piece Steel Gorgette
Mild Satin Finish $120
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130
Solid Brass add $80 to above price


Leather Shoulders start @ $90 per pair

Plate Shoulders
Mild Satin Finish $120 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130 per pair
Solid Brass add $100 to above price


Leather Helm starts @ $200

Plate helm starts @ $250

Chest Armour

Mild Satin Finish $110 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $120 per pair
Solid Brass add $60 to above price

Chest Piece
Leather starts @ $250
Studded Leather starts @ $300
Brigadine starts @ $350
Plate by inquiry only*