Packet making video!

One of our players has an updated (and hilarious) video guide on how to make packets:

(As an extraneous tip, instead of cutting out individual squares, cut lengths of cloth by holding the cloth taught, then running open scissors down them. Faster and less stressful on the hand!)


Cheap Costume Tutorial: Fairy/Insect Wings

For those of you who want to costume up for the upcoming Jericho game (TL;DR: you can play a monster) but aren’t very good at the costuming bit, here are some instructions to get you on your way. These tutorials are designed for someone with minimal or no sewing experience and done on a budget.

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to make wings for the fairy (fae) template. This is also applicable to the brood (insect) template, and with a bit of extra cutting, the angel and drake templates. You should be able to at least hand sew to complete this.


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How To Make Spell Packets

a spell packet

A spell packet is an OOG (out of game) representation of battle magic spells. It may look like a simple packet of white cloth, but it also ensures player safety when using spells in combat. Since UW is not only concerned with safety, but also preserving the land we play on, our spell packets are biodegradable (however, we encourage players to pick up any packets they may find lying around- and they can also be reused!)

IG (in game), a spell packet appears as a glowing ball of light that is cast (thrown at) other player characters. Depending on the spell sphere you have (Healing, Nature, Protections, Psionics or Elemental – to name a few), and the incant you use, each spell has a different effect that can be role-played accordingly!

Players are responsible for providing their own spell packets! We also accept packets as donations for our NPC camp!

Luckily – one of our players (thanks Ryan M!) made this neat tutorial… Here are some best practices and the process that will make packets which are safe, durable, and cost effective.

The goal is to create packets which are:

  • Full enough to fly well
  • Firm in hand
  • Large enough not to poke any eyes out!
  • Have long enough tails, in order to be “bloomed / cauliflowered” in a hand (i.e.: fit between fingers such that 9 packets can be held in one hand.

Like so:

[Image: IMG_0182_zps7f10e43b.jpg]


  • Bird Seed (with no large materials like corn or peanuts, I find NoFrills brand is good)
  • Cotton Fabric (white for battle magic or orange for alchemy, bed sheets are perfect!)
  • Elastics (a large bag is available from Staples which are perfect and cheap)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Measuring cup or small container
  • Hand cream (Trust me, you’ll want it just because the fabric, seed, and elastics may dry your skin out!)

[Image: IMG_0185_zps44401186.jpg]


  • Overfill packets; a shorter tail is better than not enough seed to be firm
  • Use ELASTICS to seal the packets; a ribbon, string, etc. will cause them to fall apart quickly
  • Choose birdseed with a low/zero count of large particles (e.g. Peanuts, corn, etc.)
  • Make sure the squares are big enough that the tails are at least 1.5 inches or more
  • Keep in mind that some people have quite large hands, make sure tails are suitable for them
  • Use cotton fabric as it biodegrades much better than fancy fabrics


  • Make the fabric squares too small
  • Leave loose or free space in the actual packet area; loose fabric should all be in the tail
  • Leave loose ties or slack in the elastic sealing the packet

Step 1:
– Cut squares of fabric of the appropriate color (white = magic, orange = alchemy)
– Squares should be 6 inch x 6inch to 7inch x 7inch in size
– A little extra fabric is much better than having too little.

Notes: I have found that cutting a small starting cut and tearing the fabric is an easy way to get squares. I cut 6 inch x full length strips, then cut those into squares. Bed sheets make great fabric – one king size bed sheet will give a little over 150 squares depending on size.

[Image: IMG_0184_zpseb2f963b.jpg]

Step 2:
– Place a scoop of bird seed into the center of a square. Many guides will say “film container volume” – I find a little less than 1/4 cup of seed works best (about 1/5 cup)
– It is better to have a little more seed than too little.
– Remove any large particles that make it into the packet.

[Image: IMG_0186_zps70295af5.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0187_zps83937464.jpg]

Step 3:
– From the center of each edge, pull the fabric together above the seed. The corners of the square will then stick out.

[Image: IMG_0188_zps94ebadd2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0189_zpsd1d771ee.jpg]

Step 4:
– Pull the corners together and give a slight twist to pull the tail tight around the seed bulb of the packet.

[Image: IMG_0191_zps1234bf90.jpg]

Step 5:
– Wrap an elastic firmly around the seed bulb of the packet. Keep it snug to where the seed is, and keep it tight/slightly stretched while wrapping it around. Ensure no loose elastic on the final packet.

[Image: IMG_0192_zps600a20fe.jpg]

The finished packets will be able to be “bloomed / cauliflowered” in a hand (i.e: fit between fingers such that 9 packets can be held in one hand.) and gripped well with both firm packet and enough tail length to hold and throw.

[Image: IMG_0183_zps816e575a.jpg]

There you have it! Go forth and cast magic!

For player comments / responses, see our forum thread!

How To Prelog

Underworld LARP has its own online database allowing you to view and update your character card, make frag purchases and prelog for events – entirely online!

We understand that the new prelogging process can be difficult for some, so we created this handy tutorial to help walk you through it!

Here‘s the link to the article on the UW boards!