Admiral’s Report on the Black Channel / Dark Church

I’ll be brief here. This past week put us all to the test.
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Regarding the Brood threat:

Citizens of the great Empire of Berphaunt:

It is with a heavy heart we must reply to this leak of misinformation and inform everyone of the facts as they stand and the Empire’s actions.

Yes, there is a large landmass, we suspect to be an undiscovered continent approaching our very own Maud’madir. This much is true. And it does appear that a large number of brood have infected this land. But the threat to our lives has been greatly exaggerated let us assure you. There are not “millions” of brood and a “new species” of orc on this new land. Berphaunt’s Legions have proven time and again to be more than a match for any military force we’ve had to face and we will not go out to strange lands searching for trouble. Rest assured; you are safe and secure in your own homes. If you do encounter a brood please inform your local authorities and we will dispatch the nearest legion immediately. The Emperor takes your safety very seriously and that is why he will not be wasting a single soldier by sending them on a fool’s errand to another land supposedly “filled with brood.

Long Live the Emperor
Long Last the Empire.

-Chamberlain Alderan de Mowbray, On behalf of Emperor Louis Berphaunt.

Steady as she goes, a message from your Admiral

Well met faithful subjects. I have read your reports, most thorough. Specifically, and I quote “Peresh Yarden. Cartographer and Professional Thief,” who took the time to compile the most information out of the lot of you. I would also see him interrogated on suspicion of thievery, once we get some law in this place. Until then, well done Peresh. Although not a single one of you brought me a tea as I requested.

I will summarize what I have learned:
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Be wary Traveler!

Be wary Traveler!

Dear Cousins and anyone who travel the winding paths of Maud’madir. I, Josepi Traduceri, bard extraordinaire, merchant of many small wares, and weary traveler, bring ill tidings from my travels. The roads in the wilder regions are no longer safe for a weary traveler or merchant. Over the last year I have traveled far and wide, sometimes by Skein and sometimes by caravan but everywhere I go I hear the rumblings of disturbing things. And so as I travel I leave these notes with the Skein Magus’ and on notice boards I come across, mayhap what I have heard will serve to keep you safe in your travels.

The roads near the larger settlements of the great nations of Maud’madir remain as dubiously safe as they ever were. But in the wild places the Greenskins are being whipped into a frenzy. I cannot say for certain that what I have gathered is not mere coincidence; certainly the authorities I have addressed have told me as much but the evidence convinces me that there is something sinister afoot. The Goblinoids raid and pillage every where with increasing cohesion and ferocity.

Near the southern border of Felnir the human settlement of Amberglen was raided, those who fled that I spoke with told me a tale of an Orcish tribe setting upon their towns valiant militia – only for the defenders to be dragged down into the ground by great horned monsters! This one admittedly makes little sense to me as the only horned creatures I know of underground are the Minotaur and they are not known raiders.

To the North of Duvain reports have trickled in from the new port of Ralinwood that the Greenskin horde in the Mountains have begun to stir once more. The last time these mountain clans united it required direct assistance from the Duvainian military to quell.

Across the northeastern border of Berphaunt the reports have been even more wild and disturbing. Everything from entire merchant caravans crippled with alchemy to whole cemeteries being looted and emptied! I even heard it said that a group of monstrous ogres were seen leading the dead from their rest!

Cousins, be careful that the trails you pick are wide and brightly lit, that your wagons are in good repair, your horses and oxen are healthy and strong so to run fast, and that your campsites are safely hidden and well guarded. I fear for us all who wander these wild roads, but I could not bear to hear of a Cousin falling to these dangers.

Again friends I have been blessed thus far that I have not seen any of these Greenskin assaults but why would so many people tell the tale if it were not true?

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Miriam Fellswater – Crimes and Punishments

By decree of Judge Marshall, The Human known as Miriam Fellswater will no longer be protected by the laws of Berphaunt, in Jericho. Miriam Fellswater Is still required to abide by the laws of Berphaunt, however. By order of Judge Marshall, the details of this decision are listed below.

Miriam, in 2258 was arrested for Murder of his camp mate and perjury, for trying to cover up the crime, including uttering threats to other camp mates in order to secure their compliance. Miriam was one of two people charged and executed for these crimes.

Later in 2258, Miriam was arrested and tried for the murder of a wild animal fight organizer. Miriam used his toxic blood to render two people incapacitated and then killed them both. Fortunately, the young woman remembered her death and was able to provide testimony that implicated Miriam. After questioning, Miriam admitted to the crime. Both Former Council Elara and Former Council Greensbane heard the evidence and agreed that Miriam was guilty of the crimes. No sentence was issued, at that time, as more pressing matters were unfolding.

In 2258, Miriam made a pact with a Demon to provide him with an infernal power. This is what the red veins in his arm represent. Based on our understanding, the pact is limited to Miriam and Miriam alone. However, Miriam has attempted to convince others to make pacts with the same Demonic entity, in order to further increase his own power. This attempt to convince others results in a charge of public endangerment.

As of 2259, Judge Marshall has decided that, as a result of the above items, Miriam is no longer to be protected by the laws of Berphaunt, in Jericho. However, as every other sentient being, Miriam is still required to abide by the laws of Berphaunt.

This is effective as of March 23, 2259, until further notice.

Magistrate Greggor Cassian, Archmagus of the Jericho Mage’s Guild and Apprentice to Archmagus Aislin Ciara of the Skein Dominion.

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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Jewel of Denial

Know, O thou kind Jericho hosts, that in days of yore and in ages long ago, on a night much like this, a great change stirred.

In our tale, the wealthy and influential did plot and scheme. Four armies of Cindus’Thalan converged on each other on what is now The Eternal City, all reaching for power. Before them all stood a great Stranger standing alone in a tent, inviting the leaders inside. The tent was filled with delicious food, drink and song. Suddenly, the Stranger extended his will, vowing no further blood would be shed on this land for a ten years. With no war to fight, the leaders decided to remain, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Over time, the differences between the nations softened by the hospitality under the tent, and the war never continued again.

My name is Ardeth bey, I am the leader of my tribe and today, we come to offer our renowned hospitality while your guilds, guards, and leaders make council. We of the Nuwebai Tribe have travelled untolded distances through your Skein gates to find goods, stories, adventure and allies. As a gift from a special Stranger among us, (similar to tales of old), we stay our swords and magics. Instead we welcome song and stories, drinks and dancing, games and gambling. We have heard tell that this is a time of rebuilding and rekindling of friendships within Jericho and we come to raise up a great Pavilion to both entertain and entice you. To you we offer drinking, dancing, gambling and trade. Like us, the citizens of Jericho do not live safe lives, and must be constantly aware of potential threats. So, for one night, we offer as a gift of friendship a place where swords will not be needed, but wit and intellect will be as sharp as any blade.

So please, come and share in the hospitality of the Fire Elves of the Newebai Tribe and listen to our tales while you spin your own.

– Ardeth bey, borne of the Sun

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New Player Social – Kitchener

Want to get try Underworld and not sure where to start? Have questions? Come talk to us!

We will have veteran players on hand to answer questions about topics such as rules, costuming, how Underworld LARP storylines work or anything else you’d like to know.

If you’re a new player, come on out! If you’re an older player (playing for more than a year), please only come if you’re bringing a new player. This is an event for new players.

Our host for this social is Mari, she’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

Friday, January 20, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill (296 Fairway Road South, Kitchener, Ontario)

Facebook event here: