Photos from “She Has Risen”

Photos from “She Has Risen”

Photographs from our Ninjas from the “She Has Risen” have been posted at the link!


Blast From the Past (UW pre-2000s!)

Underworld now has its own Imgur account, where you can find galleries of images from last season’s events and more! However, there is one album that takes us deep into the past – giving a glimpse of what players today call “old Underworld”.

See any familiar faces? Can you spot Dave the Dark Elf ??

You can view the rest of the gallery here.

UW Masquerade Del Diablos 2012

Every year Underworld LARP hosts a masquerade ball, a non-combative, role-playing event where our players get to dress up in their best finery and dance the night away! 2012 marked the first year that our masquerade ball was open to other LARPs in the area. LARPers, table-toppers and any and all other forms of role-players mingled together and enjoyed the revelry.

Images from our 2012 masquerade ball were all provided by our resident photo ninjas Sierra and Pat!

See the rest on their blog here.

Introducing the Photo Ninjas!

photo by Pat, editing by Sierra
taken at the 2012 Masquerade Ball

Sierra ¬†and Pat are our resident photographers (a.k.a Photo Ninjas) and are usually behind the scenes capturing our events without us noticing. They take care not to break the immersion of our game environment (so don’t expect to have a camera stuck in your face!) with incredible results.

You can see their current image galleries here.

Older images (early 2010 season) are archived here.